Monday, March 9, 2015

Vector Artist: Tobias Gobel

Being a younger, more under the radar artist, it was difficult to find a lot of hard biographical facts about Tobias Gobel. What I did find, however, was an amazing illustration portfolio online with this quote:

"Tobias Göbel always drew, but he needed to take some detours, one of them social education, before he actually became an illustrator. But now he fully concentrates on being an illustrator and has invented a style full of pop and energy."

Many contemporary artists of the internet focus on their art, not personal information. Gobel is no exception. But his body of work is incredibly impressive; I couldn't pass up the chance to showcase some of his vector work:

There are many accepts to Gobel's art that make his work pop: the foremost being his dynamic, pop-arty compositions. Predominately, Gobel is combining the female form with nature, creating dynamic word play and using pattern to make appealing shapes to the human eye. A lot of his work revolves around symmetry and balance; many of his pieces could likely appear on a deck of playing cards. Each work carries a dynamic color composition, as he tends to stick to a primary color and work with it throughout his piece. Linear emphasis lends to a specifically graphic feeling to these vector drawings, and the eye is constantly drawn to the hair of the women portrayed in the work.  

When searching for vector artists, Gobel really appealed to me. I think rather linearly about composition; I was drawn in particular to the innovative symmetry and color design of these drawings. His interplay with words and figure are particularly striking. Gobel's figures aren't necessarily the most important elements of his work- in fact, they are more used as means to achieve a larger meaning. Combined with beautiful nature, pattern, words, and figure, Gobel is effectively communicating human emotions, aesthetics and desires. If anything, I'd love to see more pieces combine both words and nature (as opposed to just one or the other)- I think the product would be very satisfying to see.

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